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All around, rational Homo recede to become slaves of tertiary biological drives, abandoning themselves to the frenzy of being 'on heat'.It is, a friend of mine once observed, as if evolution is only half-finished (something of Konrad Lorenz here, who posited that the elusive 'missing link' between beast and man, was humanity itself).Any hope I had of using it to play on FICS, or live broadcasting etc has been dispelled by actually using it.So basically Milan's description is pretty accurate.The presence of the flies reflects and encourages both such behaviours.This, rather than mere annoyance, may be why there is such disdain for them.This is about half the size of a competition set, both in board and piece size. Next I installed the supplied software, which was as simple as inserting a CD.I then plugged to board into my computer and started the software.

But before I get into my review it is only fair to publish what Milan thinks of it."Junk"Well forewarned is forearmed and with some trepidation I opened the box. It isn't very big, and obviously unsuitable for anything other than solo human v computer chess.JG Ballard once claimed that he wanted to "rub humanity's face in its own vomit and force it to look in the mirror".This is what the flies achieve, and we hate them for it.This leaves an aura of unrealised aggression in the city.Suited businessmen and blue collar workers alike waft their hands insanely, their faces reddening with rage. Violence demands catharsis, and it is interesting to note that as Australia's mean temperature (and thus the amount of flies) has increased there has been a correlation in the increase in Melbourne's violent crime rates. The flies swarm around humans because we provide them with easy access to the necessary conditions for reproduction.

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I have often noticed that as summer arrives and warm weather sweeps in, with it comes a palpable animal sexuality.