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The more we learn about ourselves, the more raw and authentic our performances can be." If Kate could start over in The L Word she’d audition for the part of Jenny: "I really admire what Mia does on camera.

She’s created such a layered and multi-dimensional character.

(I suggest that Shane wakes up in bed with a man and it’s all been a dream, à la Dallas, but she has something darker in mind): "Someone burns down The Planet cafe.

I wanted to get out of Philly and acting seemed the best possible route." THE BIG BREAK Her first TV role was as a girl masquerading as a boy in Dawson’s Creek spin-off The Young Americans.A typical day on set starts in hair and make-up which, by the look of it, involves Kate getting into a bed, writhing around in it for a bit and coming out as Shane. But in among the fun, the long lunches and the lounging around watching MTV mock-reality show The Hills (“I like Lauren and Leisha likes Whitney”), some serious filming must be happening because Series Five promises hot new characters, some surprising returns and the usual mix of high drama, high jinks and the LA high life.Then there’s lots of waiting around, then the cast all sit down together for an hour lunch break, then: "Maybe Leisha and Mia will come round to my trailer and we’ll all watch a movie... It’s exhausting just thinking about it – but maybe that’s because I’ve still got to get through Series Three and Four.Kate is the niece of actress Blythe Danner (who played Will’s mum in Will & Grace) and cousin to Gwyneth Paltrow.In spite of her artistic pedigree, Kate tells me, "I never felt pushed into performing.

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"If I saw a picture of me on that site and Perez had written something awful about me, I really don’t know how I’d feel.

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