Who was alexander skarsgard dating

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A rumor sprang up late last year on Perez Hilton's blog that claimed Skarsgard was seeing his The Giver co-star, Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately, you'll never hear a Swift song about their breakup — according to Swift's rep, this rumor was so false.

Check it out for yourself (below): Character Are You? *Screams from the roof tops* Related: Shailene Woodley MIGHT 'Run For Congress' So, who will the legendary actress be playing on the HBO show already led by some of the fiercest females in the game?

Olsen set the record straight in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, shrugging off the statement as just another rumor in the gossip mill.

star and the fashionista were spotted engaging in a spot of PDA when they grabbed breakfast at a New York café on Tuesday.

Comedien Hayley Sacks clocked the pair at the Bluebird Coffee shop and took a sneaky snap of them which she quickly posted to Instagram.

Alexa was also reported to be dating vocalist Matt Hitt of the rock band Drowner in August, and reuniting with ex Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, but perhaps she’s bored of boyband rockers now...

fans already know, Meryl Streep is generously lending her time to HBO to play Alexander Skarsgård's mother in the second season of the hit series. The most exciting news, of course, has to be that of Meryl Streep's attachment to the second season. While we wait, let's see which Monterey momma we're most like (below)! Introducing Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Perry Wright (played by Alexander Skarsgård).

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' They were very touchy-feely and at one point were full-on kissing! The actor – who plays vampire Eric Northman in the hit HBO show - has been keeping people guessing as to who exactly is his current squeeze.