Who is brandon buddy dating

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Who is brandon buddy dating

Nonetheless, he is also forgiving, shown when Riven apologized for his actions.

Despite his calm and collected demeanor, Brandon can be brutally honest especially when angered or disappointed.

But the Trix was proven to be too powerful and they all had to seek refugee at Alfea.

He, Timmy and Sky were then sent to Domino to retrieve the Winx from their mission to learn about Bloom's heritage and destiny.

He had also met Stella during her first year at Alfea before the latter was expelled.

Brandon and his team were called by Stella to help deal with the hunting troll on Earth, as it was clear to the latter that they were losing the battle between Knut and his minions. His teammates were on rather shaky ends with each other.

This outfit is colored in shades of blue, it has a cape and many layers on the shoulders, chest, forearms and legs.

He is unaware that Stella had witnessed all of this but eventually learns of it as she stops talking to him for a while.

But trouble was brewing and once the Trix got a hold of the Dragon's Flame, they waged war on Magix to prove their might and power.

Brandon, alongside his classmates and teachers, fought bravely against the Trix's army.

Squire Brandon is Sky's squire and bodyguard, a great swordsman and his best friend. In Season 1, he introduced himself as "Prince Sky" but his lie is later admitted, and continued to go by his real name, Brandon.

Brandon is a young man with tan skin and a medium, athletic build.

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