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And Gosling took both his mom, Donna Gosling, and sister Mandi in 2007 -- after breaking up with his two-year love Rachel Mc Adams.

PHOTOS: 2014 Oscar Nominees And way back in 1998, the two most eligible bachelors in town -- Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (who won best original screenplay Oscars for ) -- brought respective moms Nancy and Chris, showing their sweet sides, while Damon seemed to be going between Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder and Affleck had dumped his longtime girlfriend for Gwyneth Paltrow, who'd just been dumped by Brad Pitt.

But all TV audiences thought was, "Awww …" If actresses use their gowns on the Oscar red carpet to telegraph image tweaks or to open up casting opportunities, well, actors use their dates.

(Tuxes are so similar, they are not up to the task.) And in the same way players use Mom to make themselves more appealing, men with unknown or undefined sexuality can use Mom as a beard in a ball gown.

He lived there until about 1879 according to the birth of his son Lewis Godfrey Renner, after which he and the family moved to Camden, New Jersey. By 1959 he resided in Merced and was the manager of Modesto Bowl which was located at 1120 13th Street.

After arriving in Camden, he worked in a woolen mill, becoming a constable by at least 1896 and later a fireman. Levi "Lee" Renner, born in Camden, New Jersey , son of John F. In 1960, Art moved to Modesto and was managing both Modesto Bowl and Mc Henry Bowl. John Lee Renner, son of Oscar and Ruth Renner, was born in Nevada County, California.

Last year, Chris Evans took his mom, Lisa Evans, when his off-and-on relationship with Minka Kelly had hit the off button.

(Jared Leto, despite speculations of dating Taylor Swift or model-actress Natalie Loren, took his mom, Constance, to two awards-season events, possibly making his mom-date more of a political ploy, considering his Oscar nomination for playing a transgender character in .) In any case, however many women are in a male star's life, they cannot hold Mom against him. Cute, no threat and more appealing than not," says Cindy Chupack, former .

) that was mocked by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in a vivid anatomical reference at the Globes.

Last year, Cooper, also 39, escorted mom Gloria Campano to the Oscars -- and probably will again this year, as he's dating 22-year-old model Suki Waterhouse.

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Send an email to [email protected] celebrate the birth of his new baby girl, we will be taking a brief look at actor Jeremy Renner and his ties to Stanislaus County.

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Jeremy is a graduate of Byer High School in Modesto, and he also attended Modesto Junior College before his career in acting took off.