Updating bdp s300

Posted by / 23-Sep-2019 15:15

Updating bdp s300

Note: Afterwards I took my POTC disc home and tried it with my PS3, it was a night and day difference, the disc loaded immediately and the second layer of interactive feature (after the trailers) loaded up within seconds.

It’s assumed that the PS3 could achieve profile 2.0 compliance by means of a firmware update but this remains to be seen.The S300’s eject and power buttons are placed to the left and right top-edge of the unit’s front facade.I feel this was a mistake but the top edge does slope down a bit so while annoying (at least to me) it shouldn’t offer any real-world hurdles in day to day operation.(In my opinion, at least for the foreseeable future, all BD playback comparisons should at least include some cursory comparison of the PS3 as it’s undeniably the most used BD playback device in service.) While the PS3 is indeed a “good” Blu-ray player, it isn’t necessarily the end all in BD playback.I quickly noticed scenes in several discs that I had previously written off as mediocre or worse, suddenly having a tad more detail and sharpness.

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Perhaps the disc wasn’t quite as bad as I’d first thought.