The dating guy 2x2

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The dating guy 2x2

Personal information was collected by the Bridge Day 2001 coordinator at that time, but a few weeks prior to the event, the BDC voted to cancel Bridge Day 2001.

For the next 13 years (Bridge Day 2002-2014), I alone collected this personal information from each jumper (as requested by the BDC), delivered it to the local Sheriff for a background check, and deleted/destroyed it after being told everyone had passed.

The background check process was always a one-time only check performed months in advance of the event, meaning that a successful check from 2002-2014 would permit a jumper to not be required to submit the same information year after year.

She offered to not increase the per jumper fee that is paid by me to the BDC.While I'm happy to see my human catapult being used to launch BASE jumpers once again, I'm concerned that others will not provide the same level of safety.Old Bridge Day videos dating back to 1992 will be posted here as time permits: In November 2014, I shared my thoughts on the overreaching fingerprint plan with the BDC along with a list of logistical problems, concerns, and alternative suggestions.The main pneumatic cylinder that provides the 10,000 lbs of force required during a launch had an air leak, which was described in the auction.I'm the mechanical engineer who designed and built the catapult, which requires a strict inspection routine during repeated launches.

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Despite all this, it has been reported that West Virginia State Police officer Kenneth Tawes made a motion to proceed with the fingerprint scans and the Fayette County Sheriff Department's Mike Fridley seconded the motion.

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