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If I needed space, he would threaten me with hurting himself or doing something that would bother me.

I was constantly afraid while in a toxic relationship, which is definitely one of the biggest warning signs.

If I made plans with my friends, he would get jealous and annoyed.

He also would get angry if I made plans without checking with him first.

If your boyfriend refuses to accept his mistakes, he’ll never be able to learn from them and your relationship will be constantly strained. Sometimes in toxic relationships, your partner might promise to change in order to stop you from leaving.

People can change, but only if they can accept why they need to and honestly want to change for themselves.

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If I disagreed with what he wanted or if I said no to him, he would try and make me feel bad instead of trying to understand and respect my feelings.If they just say that they’re going to in order to get you to stay with them and never actually make any effort to do so, your relationship will continue in the same toxic pattern until you leave.Sponsored: New dating app guarantees no wasted time.Even after getting arrested, starting physical fights with people for absolutely no reason, putting himself and me in danger multiple times, he’d keep on. We all have had hurtful experiences and gone through rough times, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lash out irrationally because of them. The whole relationship seemed to revolve around his problems.I honestly forgot that I even had my own problems because the majority of the time, we were dealing with his.

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He wanted to be exclusive as soon as we started hanging out.