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Teen dating spots

If you request they may be able to remove dark patches with laser surgery.A natural remedy you can use to lighten patches of skin including dark spots on your lips or scars is to use lemon juice.Normally this will affect the lower lip and you will likely notice lumps too.This is caused by repeated exposure to the sun and is most common in those with outdoor jobs.Lemon is a natural bleach and by applying it to areas of your skin for a few nights before bed you can lighten the colour effectively.Covering Up Black Spots In the meantime there are fortunately several ways that women in particular can cover up dark patches on their lips.You may also be advised to wash your baby’s pacifiers, feeding bottle nipples and detachable parts of your breast pump in a mild solution of vinegar so as to remove all fungal growth from them.

Potential Causes of Black Spots on the Lips • Excessive consumption of caffeinated/hot beverages such as coffee or tea • Constant lip licking or lip biting • Large amounts of iron in the body • Vitamin B deficiency • Hormone Imbalances • Allergic reactions to toothpastes/medication • Smoking/Drinking can cause black marks • Dry lips can sometimes develop into black spots or wounds • Badly fitted dental fixtures • Hyper-Pigmentation – Wherein there is too much pigment in the lips • Wearing old, expired lipsticks • Cancer – In rare cases dark spots on the lips can be a sign of cancer.

The coating has a cottage cheese like consistency and can make it difficult for you to taste the food you eat.

If you try to brush or scrape this coating away, it can cause slight bleeding.

Unlike thrush, these patches cannot be scraped off.

Although the exact cause of this condition is unknown, it is seen more frequently in people who use tobacco.

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This condition can be painful and often the infection spreads to the gums, tonsils or roof of the mouth.