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In reality, the majority of rapes occur within relationships or are so-called date rapes.Elin Sundin, the director of Fatta (“Get It”), an organization that has promoted the passing of consent-based legislation for years, said the new law would change attitudes about sex.Other countries that have consent-based legislation include England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Belgium, and Germany.Finland and Denmark are also considering similar proposals.Last year, only 60 percent of those who sought medical care at the rape center at Sodersjukhuset Hospital in Stockholm filed a police report, said Dr. “So we think it’s natural that only active participation should be interpreted as a yes.Passivity cannot be read as consent.”Two new crimes — negligent rape and negligent sexual assault — have also been added to the criminal code, for instances when one party goes ahead with a sexual act without consent and where it should be obvious to the offender that consent was not given.But she said education needed to be done for the police, in schools, in workplaces and in the care sector.“We need men to understand that if he is unsure, he should either ask or just not go there,” she said.

“The new legislation has not lowered the burden of proof, since the prosecutor has to prove that a crime was committed and they have to prove intent.”The Istanbul Convention, a Council of Europe convention, is the most comprehensive legal framework to tackle sexual violence against women and girls and obliges signatories to ban all nonconsensual sexual acts.Previously, the law stated rape was committed only in instances where a victim was violently coerced or threatened into a sexual act.Now, participants must obtain clear verbal or physical agreement before sex and that silence can no longer be interpreted as permission.Norway’s Parliament rejected similar changes to its own laws last month.The biggest impact of the new Swedish law might be a change in the country’s mind-set about what constitutes rape, but it could also lead to more attackers being prosecuted, said Anna Blus, who monitors rape legislation in Europe for Amnesty International in London.“In an ideal world, this will lead to more prosecutions and fewer rapes,” said Ms. “This will take time and training.”That time and training is key, experts say.

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Victims will no longer have to provide evidence that they were coerced into a sexual act.

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