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And just as I’d noticed years ago, with even a bit too much bow pressure, it shut down completely.So at Disney Hall the next day, I asked my colleague Martin Chalifour to give The Milstein a play and a listen in his dressing room.And I wanted to get Milstein's violin on video playing not only his cadenza for the first movement, but Kreisler’s legendary one for the third movement.A quick note about these garage videos: I use a DPA lapel microphone to capture both playing and speaking. The further away I put the mic, the more I have to turn the levels up, and the more outside sounds creep in to ruin my efforts.

Tuesday: the power of perspective The more I played, the more inescapable it became: my baritone had laryngitis!

Therefore the mic is only a few inches from my voice or violin. Invariably, the gardeners next door pick my best take to fire up the leaf blower.

Or the Pasadena police chase down a suspect with their fleet of helicopters!

I imagined his spirit taking solid form and striking me down should I try to attach a piece of plastic to his beloved.

Thus distracted, I managed a restless program of Bach and Paganini.

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The gut-core Pirastro Passione A and D behaved much as they did on the instrument I'm accustomed to, a Strad on loan from my orchestra.

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