Speed dating leigh on sea

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Speed dating leigh on sea

In New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, volcanism on a smaller scale occurred. High global sea levels at this time saw large areas of epicontinental, shallow, warm seas populated with rich assemblages of fauna, with abundant corals.

At the close of the period the global climate cooled, ushering in an ice age that persisted until the swung away from the equator, and by the end of the Period, the northern part of South America was situated further into polar regions, but the position of Australia was not changed much from that in the The climate appears to have been hot in the Early Ordovician, cooler in the Middle Ordovician, hot again in the Late Ordovician, but cool again near the end of the Period, when polar ice caps were present that lasted into the earliest Silurian.

in modern India are a good example of the basaltic flows that occurred in Cambrian Australia, and are of a similar scale.

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