Speed dating events in fort lauderdale

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Speed dating events in fort lauderdale

In the final module of our six-module series we define the difference between being friendly and developing friendship through the review of our Friendship Pyramid.

We also explore how this treatment framework can also be used to take data on a student’s emerging social outreach.

How stuck negative emotions can provide a sense of heightened control. How executive functioning, perspective taking, and central coherence dovetail with emotional self-management and interpersonal self-management.

The development of the Pyramid of Dislike to be used in conjunction with the Friendship Pyramid to realistically explore the emotional complexity of human relationships.

Why do negative emotions draw so much attention in our own self-processing?

Many of Michelle’s clients have high IQs but a weak ability to understand their own and others’ emotions, and therefore struggle with personal problem solving and relationship development.

Strategies to encourage pro-social social engagement. The balance of anxiety management and social communication.

The emotion scale and helping individuals discover the power of their own emotional vocabulary. Introducing micro-moments of social communication that are brief, powerful, and convey pro-social intentions (the power of non-verbal communication).

The Social Thinking Methodology provides strong tools for engaging adults across the lifespan in the social-emotional learning process.

Incorporating 15 years of experience with this population, this course shares what we have learned to help adults with strong language and learning skills interpret and respond to social subtleties expected of adults in the workplace.

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*Treatment refers to using conceptual and strategy-based frameworks to help individuals improve their social thinking, skills, and competencies.