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Posted by / 02-Feb-2020 18:15

I tried right clicking and "Update now", which fails.I also tried navigating to the \Sophos Update\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP share and re-installing, which it attempts to do, but also fails.

Hi All, background sbs2003 sp1 sophos av enterprise i have just installed the latest version of sophos av ent having moved the EM library etc off the sbs2003 server to a file server the av used to work fine on the sbs server but will now no longer update.These updates are compact enough that even on systems with a dial-up connection, updates can be automatically downloaded in a reasonable length of time.To install Sophos: Other links on the Sophos main window allow you to view the different scans that have been done, manage quarantine items, view the firewall log, configure updating, and view the updating log.Hi there, I cannot install Sophos Antivirus on my PC with Windows XP cause of this error. Some registry keys do not have the correct permissions. If you do not click “OK”, this message box will close automatically after 60 seconds.I tried many installers from different sources and I still cannot install it.

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