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Sonny with a chance of dating video

Someone out there is trying to destroy the restaurants reputation and after my experience yesterday, I doubt I will ever go back.My brother was coming home from Charlotte on 4/27/18 and I have always bragged to him about how good Sonny’s was so he decided to stop by and pick us up some beef brisket to bring to WV.One other person at the bank told me this had happened to them at another Sonny’s location. I sent them an email with no response back of course.

If Sonny’s was a totally owned operation there could be a resolution to the constant lack of quality and service via a internal review and corrective action to maintain the quality and service of the company; since the customer no longer has any avenue to obtain assistance for quality and service bordering on criminal once again the customer is the looser.

I HAVE BEEN TYPING IT IN OVER A MONTH BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. The food was Great, the server was nice fast and friendly the place was crowded but the food was served in fast time. The next day the amount showed up correct on my banking account $(34.74) so I checked it off.

MY HUSBAND BIRTHDAY IS JULY 1ST, OUR 32ND ANNIVERSARY IS JULY 5TH. The next day I was doing more banking and I noticed it had jumped to 42.74.

I never checked but they may have even discontinued the sliced pork….not that will probably be next….whoever you got making these decisions to change the way these items was originally intended to be will ending up hurting the business in my humble opinion. WE DINNED OUT DINNED OUT SIDE AND IT TOOK THE WAITRESS 30 MINS. AFTER TAKING OUR ORDER SHE BROUGHT MY WIFE THE WRONG THINKS. WE REORDERED HER MAC N CHEESE AND I ORDERED MORE PORK RIBS. We usually just ask for the manager at that point and then it’s miraculously available.

Have a great day Dale (Eating at Sonny’s since 1985) Reply I went up to Sonny’s in Lake City Florida to order a rack of ribs St. Someone there must just really not like to pull chicken, last time’s order was so full of bones & gristle, my dog choked on it.

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