Sociology and dating

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Mania love is usually an obsessive type of love that is highly intense.It is mainly characterized by addiction and jealousy which are normally accompanied by irrational thinking which results in the person being excessively consumed by the thought of their lover.It is characterized by more of giving than receiving.

A person who feels Eros love towards someone usually avoid separation with his or her lover and when separation happens it is met with a lot of despair and agony (Feldman19).In both movies, the issue of marriage, dating, and courtship has also been portrayed significantly showing how the different types of love usually affect these issues and vice versa.According to Feldman, Eros is the type of love which is passionate, erotic and romantic.The sociology of love was first developed in the 20th century by John Lee who stipulated that there are six styles incorporated in love.These are Pragma, Mania, Agape, Eros, Storage, and Ludus…

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Social movements are a type of group action that involves a large group of informal and loosely organised individuals or organisations who are brought together with the aim of achieving common interests.

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