Shaadi online dating

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Shaadi online dating

It’s true that the matrimony marketing follows a certain myopic and stereotypical view when it comes to marketing and communication however that is just a representation of the existing fears, patterns that exist with their users.A lot of new services will challenge matrimony websites both in terms of business and marketing and only time will tell on how both things change in the 2020 internet context.Historically, if you notice the early days of online chatting and social networking websites a simple observation will tell you how these were readily adopted by males before anyone else.The whole issue of safety and privacy came into existence slowly when females started adopting this platform and wanted to keep their world private on a public domain.In fact even when you see educated youth talking about marriage it is always that for a girl the right age to get married is a couple of years before the guy.The conversation will always be “You’re a guy, you still have time.So much so that it is now predicted that the online marriage business will be worth Rs.1500 crore by 2017.Source This space is ever so active and now going to explode with Bharat Matrimony, the leader in online matrimonial business has filed for an IPO with SEBI looking for a valuation of more than Rs. Source One of the first movers in this category and the market leader now realized the trick to game the entire online match-making business.

Then there were those who were not even comfortable with going online but still wanted to use the service.Matrimonial websites have been in India for more than 15 years now.The business case is extremely strong for matrimonial business to run especially because of the ever so prevalent system of arranged marriages in India.The management at Bharat knew that the product for online matchmaking cannot be “one size fits all”.Arranged marriages had multiple restrictions and one of the most basic restrictions would be to find a partner in one’s own community.

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