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Sex dating in acme washington

I’m building a case based on other factors too, but I’m concerned that I my exemption status will in fact change, even though I’m not sure that that is correct.

It’s entirely reasonable to say something like, “In my current role, I’ve been earning an average of $X a year, including overtime, so I’d be looking for something in the range of $Y when taking on these new responsibilities.” People will understand that you don’t want to end up earning less money for something that’s supposed to be a promotion. It’s reasonable to ask that during the hiring process, or definitely at the offer stage if it hasn’t come up yet.

I’m hesitant to apply because I don’t want to make things awkward with my current supervisor and coworkers, but I wondered about just posing the question to HR.

Would they think I’m crazy if I asked about this other position?

Does HR typically keep questions like that confidential?

I am not okay with getting suspended nor losing my job, but I can’t work with the guy. Well, you can certainly talk with your manager about your concerns and ask if it’s possible to avoid working directly with the guy.

We are often understaffed, and it can be very difficult to get food or drink on the run. Worse, the owner has forbidden any food or drink that is not the restaurant’s.

Even with the employee discount, we are paid slightly over minimum wage and cannot afford the food.

Just the cost of one beverage can keep us in bologna sandwiches for a week (lunch and dinner! I have already seen many employees (including myself) become dehydrated or weak from lack of food.

I broke the rules in getting an employee a sport drink and a protein bar from the nearest convenience store when the employee almost collapsed. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any law it would violate, although employers do need to supply drinking water.

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I’m wondering if you have advice on how soon is too soon to apply for another job at the same company.

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