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In order to prove his brother-in-law’s wife wrong (she “had been indoctrinated with the theory of evolution in college”) he also refuted evolution (Armstrong 193).Most importantly, he realized the importance of obeying God in everything, especially the fourth commandment (the Sabbath).White’s movement took the name Seventh-day Adventist at a conference at Battle Creek, Michigan.A group of dissenting congregations separated themselves from SDA.He then searched for a church that fulfilled the necessary criteria.

1995-1997 With falling membership and plummeting income, Worldwide had to dismiss employees and sell buildings. 2009 Worldwide Church of God changed its name to Grace Communion International.

For over 125 years the Church of God has been a distinctive movement focused upon communicating the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Presently, the Church of God has a world-wide membership of over 7 million with a presence in nearly 180 countries.

Later campuses were established at Bricket Wood, Herts, U. 1952 (December) Armstrong ordained the first five evangelists. 1989 Gerald Flurry left Worldwide to found the Philadelphia Church of God.

1968 Radio Church of God changed its name to Worldwide Church of God (hereafter, Worldwide). 1992-93 Roderick C Meredith left Worldwide to found Global Church of God.

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He later displayed a dismissive approach to higher education (Armstrong 19-26).

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