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As the Master Plan reveals, Hugh Bliss used the Prismatology movement to control Chuckles, who went on to control both the Toy Mafia Don Ted E. When Chuckles was finally defeated in Abe Lincoln Must Die! Biv" to manipulate The Internet into causing the events of Reality 2.0.

When that failed, he took matters into his own hands, making one last bid to hypnotize the world before being defeated in Bright Side of the Moon.

In 2001, Savage challenged readers of his column to coin a name for the sex act in which a woman uses a strap-on dildo to perform anal sex on her male partner.

After multiple nominations and a reader vote, the verb "peg" was chosen, with a 43% plurality over runners-up "bob" and "punt".

The first of the six-episode series — referred to collectively as Season One — was released on October 17, 2006 and the last one – on April 26, 2007.

As with Telltale's series of games based on the Bone comics and Homestar Runner series, the games were made with close co-operation of the creator of the characters.

Although many Telltale employees previously worked on Sam & Max: Freelance Police (the canceled Lucas Arts game), Season One is unrelated in its content. Each game was available via the Game Tap service for a 15 day exclusive debut period, followed by a general release directly from Telltale's website, whereafter the game became available through either outlet.

" The acronym was coined in reference to the presidency of George W.The term describes couples who are perceived to be monogamous, who are "mostly" monogamous, but who are not 100% monogamous.Such couples have an understanding that allows for some amount of sexual contact outside the relationship.It will also be released for Xbox Live Arcade under the title Sam & Max Save the World.Publisher: Telltale Games Distributor: Game Tap, Dreamcatcher Games/The Adventure Company (North American Retail), Jo Wood (European Retail) Genre: Adventure Ratings: T for Teen (Wii) Platforms: PC, Wii, Xbox Live Arcade The season revolves around various schemes to gain power by hypnotizing large amounts of people, all but the first of which turn out to have been orchestrated by Hugh Bliss.

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For the first six years of the column, Savage had his readers address him with "Hey, faggot", as a comment on previous efforts to recapture offensive words. During the run of Savage Love, Savage has popularized several neologisms.

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