Ryan higa and tarynn nago dating

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Ryan higa and tarynn nago dating

Bus sadly in late 2010 she broke up relation, because alleged him as a gay.But he proved later and also told that he is not a gay and started dating with another lady, Andrea Thi and still they are dating and madly love to each other.It seems highly improbable given the fact that he is probably drooled over by millions of You Tubers across the world for his looks and intellectual comedy.However, it sure seems that he is either hiding the details regarding his affair pretty well, or is actually single.As the year of 2016's December, his You Tube channel "Nigahia," has over 19 million subscribers.Internet sensational and actor, Ryan has estimated net worth of million dollars in 2016 and massive amounts of salary as well.

The network has launched in 2006 and has made by Higa and his other three friends.And this guy earned from his You Tube videos and some other acts such as actor, singer and as well as a comedian.According to, and some other wiki this guy has received over .3 million dollars from You Tube by his over 2.6 billions of views and also from other channel videos as well.This guy once dated with beautiful lady/actress Tarynn Nago from 2006 to 2010, they met in the making of some videos for You Tube channel.They said in an interview that their mutual friend met them to each other and later started dating.

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Higa is previously known to have dated Tarynn Nago from 2006.

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