Row cannot be located for updating vba

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Row cannot be located for updating vba

Some values may have been changed since it was last read.*Native Error: 32 *SQL State : Thanks, Bill N Bill, Another process could have changed a value that the DB manager is using to locate the row. Value := ad Criteria Key; ad Criteria Key is defined in ADOInt. If your table don't have a primary key make sure u fill every single field with a value instead of NULL (I'm not sure whether this is a correct approach, but at least it work for me). I' using Delphi 7 with ADO components with an Access database. Is there a way to set the SQL generation to just use the key? I delete one record and when I reopen my app I find that two have been deleted instead. "Brian Bushay Team B" When you use clientside cursors and make changes or delete a record in the client ADO needs to Generate SQL to update (or delete) the Record in your database.I have searched this NG and also Tamarack but cannot find this message anymore. I know this has to do with ADO trying to locate a row by specifying each field it knows about, as in "select * from customer where [Name]="Me" and [Address]="Someplace" and so on for each field.However, my table has a primary key defined and rows can be uniquely identified using this key (an Int).

Recently added an insert/update trigger to a table in SQL Server to populate some fields from a 2nd table.

I know this is possible, but cannot find out how this is done from D7. I have a form that has a couple of grids and databound controls.

Without this, ADO will default to taking *all* fields as the key and stuff these in the SQL WHERE clause it constructs on the fly. The datasources are set to some TADOQuery's which have master datasources too.

But the problem seems to be on the Primary key fields, as they are not able to generate the proper increment value when I append a new record.

"Brian Bushay Team B" I have a very strange problem.

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