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His performances were superb, his confidence soared. (You can’t see it when he wears a muscle shirt, says his mother, Sandra.)Next week After a trip to the swing doctor in Vegas, Travis Snider is back with the big club — for good this time, he hopes.Romero pitched in Fullerton’s 2004 NCAA College World Series championship, his family driving 23 hours to Omaha, Neb., to see him. In the interest of maintaining confidentiality and not wanting to be a total dick (okay, I just don’t want to burn any bridges) I will not be displaying the names of the ladies. Scott Richmond: Ricky Romero is dating Miss USA winner Rima Fakih: Moving on. This lady is obviously a woman of many talents to land a stud such as Kelly Gruber. Signed out of the World Baseball Classic, Jays prospect Leon Boyd lean-ons this smily esposa. She is real chummy with Brandon League’s wife as you can see here. X alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Mop Up Duty. X chooses to remain anonymous for the reason that should he be identified, it will compromise his ability to provide Mop Up Duty readers with the most intimate and cutting edge news stories. It has been almost 2 years since I have graced the (web)pages of this fine website with my factually concrete reports. Weaselling my way into the Blue Jays’ family circle of trust in a way that even JP Ricciardi would be proud of, I bring to you Toronto Blue Jays Wives & Girlfriends. Now is your chance to scoop him up on the ground level. From the lightly gnawed fingertips on Ricky Romero’s left hand to home plate, it travels 60 feet, 6 inches. Or in Romero’s case, as American as For the 26-year-old Blue Jays pitcher, that distance isn’t simply the path to a ball or strike. paid a smuggler to drive him and a few friends into El Paso before catching a bus to California.“It was crazy, with my dad crossing illegally,’’ Romero says.Each time Romero — who speaks Spanish at home and English on the mound — winds up and steps toward a batter, it’s as if he’s completing a journey his father began 31 years ago when he bolted, undetected, from Mexico into Texas. “My dad’s goal was to come to the United States for a better life.

Rima has apparently had a long-standing affinity for WWE.Romero recalls being “a buck 60” as a high school senior; a scrawny 160-pounder who’d never lifted a weight until he started at Fullerton. Weightlifting, conditioning and nutrition at an NCAA Division I college was a vastly different universe from his high school days.So was playing with athletes as good as — or better than — him. Then he thought of his truck driver dad and his bold border run.She appeared on Monday Night Raw in November, 2010, to crown the King of the Ring winner, Seamus.Spurred on by the success of the “Baseball’s Hottest Wives” and “Top 10 Derek Jeter Bimbos” posts, our resident sleuth Mr. X’s work can be found here) went into deep cover to find out what kind of wives and girlfriends your favourite Jays are pulling in. We at Mop Up Duty sincerely hope you are not offended by the contents of Mr. Rest assured MUD readers, I have been busy with this particular project. She is the daughter of Rogers Vice-Chairman Phil Lind.

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From L to R: The spouses of Joe Inglett and Scott Downs. The wives of Lyle Overbay, Scott Downs & Roy Halladay. Current Milwaukee Brewer Joe Inglett on his honeymoon. I wonder if this is the girl who lived in the high rise where Alex threw stones to get her attention? Despite being infected by Billy Koch’s Morgellon’s Syndrome, Koch’s wife still keeps him grounded. Shea Hillenbrand’s wife who is a big animal person, just like Shea! Check back tomorrow when I post pics of leftover wives that I found during my intensive research…

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