Recruiter starts dating service

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The tool, which launched in beta in March and is currently on its third version, can be installed by any newsroom using the available documentation, and more features are being added regularly.

Talk's features were designed to improve online commenting for both moderators and commenters.

Over the coming weeks, it will become more widely available on The Washington Post, and other organisations such as Fairfax Media titles in Australia will start using it.There will be an ad campaign this fall to promote the service, and Bizz will go to market with partners like Postmates and Outdoor Voices, according to a story in and Tech Crunch have stories from 2016 talking about Bizz, but founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe said the timing then, unlike now, wasn’t right.History, however, says the timing will never be right for dating sites looking to take on the highly competitive landscape of employment matching.The Coral Project is also providing assistance to organisations who want to use Talk or help build it further.The features for Talk have been developed based on academic research conducted by The Coral Project into online communities, as well as interviews with 150 newsrooms in 30 countries and surveys with different types of commenters.

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