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In the late 1990s Freed and Associates purchased it on the cheap and razed most of the structure, transforming it into a successful big box cluster.Freed's purchase price was around million; within a decade, in 2005, Freed was said to be seeking a buyer for over 0 million.

The campuses in Tallahassee and Ann Arbor were buzzing with anticipation.

OR Option B: Demonstrate an increase in the percentage of residents who volunteered over the past 3 years.

Sense of Empowerment Option A: Demonstrate that at least 50% of residents believe they are able to have a positive impact on their community based on a local survey OR Option B: Increase over time the percentage of residents who believe they are able to have a positive impact on their community based on local surveys Local Action 4Partner with business, civic, and neighborhood organizations to increase voter registration and turnout OR volunteer opportunities and participation OR ongoing civic engagement in local decision-making Local Action 1Create an Environmental Justice Collaborative Group (EJCG) composed of residents, stakeholders, and environmental professionals to assess risk and exposure, set targets, implement projects, and monitor improvements Equitable Access and Proximity Demonstrate increased access and proximity by residents of diverse income levels and race/ethnicity to the following community facilities, services, and infrastructure: Local Action 1Adopt an equity plan that evaluates current conditions in the community and establishes targets to improve equitable access and proximity in at least the categories identified in the outcome measure Active Kids Option A: Increase the percentage of high school students that are physically active for 60 minutes per day on 5 or more days OR Option B: Increase the percentage of public schools that require some form of physical activity daily, such as physical education classes or recess Quality of Local Health System Option A: Demonstrate that at least one hospital in the county is recognized as a top performer by the Joint Commission OR Option B: Demonstrate that the local public health department is accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) OR Option C: Demonstrate that at least 30% of public health clinicians are board certified in their specialty areas and ancillary staff hold professional certification in their respective fields Local Action 5Collaboratively engage the local public health department and relevant local government departments or agencies to integrate health considerations into local plans and policies that affect the built environment, physical activity, and access to fresh food Local Fresh Foods Option A: Demonstrate an increase over the past 3 years in the amount of fresh food produced through local urban agriculture OR Option B: Demonstrate an increase over the past 3 years in the amount of fresh food sold locally at farmers markets or other direct farm-to-consumer activities Access to Healthful Food Option A: Demonstrate an increase over the past 3 years in the percentage of residents within a walkable ¼-mile of a healthful retail food outlet OR Option B: Demonstrate a decrease over the past 3 years in the percentage of residents living in a urban or rural food desert Local Action 7Develop public outreach materials, classes, or workshops for residents to learn about food, nutrition, and gardening OR develop public outreach materials to promote food assistance programs Local Action 8Demonstrate that local schools or the public school district has certification from the USDA Healthier US Schools Challenge or an award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in the past 3 years Local Action 2Prohibit smoking in multi-family buildings community-wide OR residential buildings controlled by the local housing authority OR affirm by local ordinance the right for landlords to legally establish smoke-free rental units Local Action 6Address residential IAQ problems related to mold, pests, and other hazards through inspections and enforcement using authority from the state or local housing code or public health code Local Action 7School district implements a system-wide IAQ management program to monitor and address IAQ problems (Bonus: School district has received an EPA Tools for Schools award or has been recognized as an IAQ Champion in the past 3 years) Option A: Reduce over time the number of homes below code standards that are located in designated high risk areas OR Option B: Reduce over time the percentage of residents living in designated high risk areas Local Action 2Develop a post-disaster plan that addresses long-range redevelopment issues such as land use, economic development, housing, infrastructure, public services, and environmental restoration Local Action 2Adopt a safe communities strategic plan ("the plan") with a comprehensive, balanced approach that includes violence prevention, intervention, suppression and enforcement, and reentry strategies Local Action 11Create or support a multi-faceted, monitored reentry program for ex-offenders that includes training, education, mentoring, and employment opportunities and other support services to reduce recidivism Green Infrastructure Distribution Demonstrate that 85% of the population lives within a ½-mile walk distance from green infrastructure features that are performing a minimum of 2 of the following functions: Local Action 3Adopt a policy requiring relevant departments be engaged during early reviews of proposed developments to ensure that project sites are evaluated for green infrastructure potential and environmental protections are put in place prior to construction Local Action 8Upgrade public spaces and public buildings based upon locally-adopted or recognized best practices in green infrastructure.

Riders now get off directly on Washtenaw and cross a busy road.

America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, Beauty First, Borders, Cold Stone Creamery, dressbarn, DSW Shoe Warehouse, Hiller’s, Marshall’s, Michael’s, Noodles & Company, and Starbucks have all contacted management to express their dismay. All of the restaurants in Arborland are national chains.

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What makes the Michigan game in 1991 the best Florida State football game ever?