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Pitchfork spotify app not updating

There were approximately 10,000 pressed--4,500 of the double LPs and 5,250 of the double CD.Nearly all of them sold the first day of release, but there are probably a few left at independent record stores and on e Bay.

There's full info and a short interview with Richard about the exhibition at the Please Kill Me website...

SUMMER 2015-FALL 2016: In November '16 Richard appears at two museum events; on the 10th at the Brooklyn Museum with Marilyn Minter, whose spectacular retrospective is up there now, and on the 16th at the New Museum with genius novelist Dennis Cooper. A new group show at the Anton Kern gallery--basically a survey of all the dealer's artists across the gallery's 20 year history in Chelsea, NYC--features a sick portrait of Richard by the acclaimed artist Nicole Eisenman. The album's release (two weeks ago, mid-Sept., 2016) includes a 68-page booklet of all the art at near full-size. Actually we need to create an efficient new site and re-order Hell t-shirts!

The LP/book package is an edition of 400 -- the 26 signed/lettered are already sold out, but there are copies of the trade release still available -- here are complementary further info listings: 1) audio tracks & ordering info; and, 2) all artists along w/ photo spread of package. At Postmodern Culture there's a scholarly article about the multiple artistic identities created by Richard when he was aged 19-25. We have simply been busy and gotten lackadaisical about Web presence, but we're coming back; we'll catch up gradually in the coming weeks.

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