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The site is hosted in New York City, the city that never sleeps, because I guess all the beautiful girls are on showing their stuff on, and all the guys are looking at them! let's get down to the nitty gritty, First up, I can tell you straight off that there's everything legit about

I known sex cam sites have a bit of a dirty reputation, but as long as it's all good dirty adult fun, who's complaining?

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There are over 300 registered there, and there's usually a handful on site to ... Also, the site will run special porno shows from time to time - when I looked there was an upcoming show for Jayden Lee, who is simply don't have to sign up for the site if you just want to have a look around.Now, I think that's fair dinkum of an idea, because you can see what the site has on offer without the chance of any prying eyes seeing what you get up to.The site claims there are over 100,000 models registered at the site, but I do wonder how many of those registered are still at the site, as every time I logged on to have a lot at the gorgeous girls, less than 1,000 were actually online. ✖ - You can only contact customer support by email, which is a BIG MINUS✖ - Not many porn stars on at any one time So, does get the thumbs up form the Sex Cam Expert? Sure, there are plenty of gorgeous babes there, and the real selling point is the chance to get dirty with genuine porn girls, but that's difficult when so few are online at any one time.I wasn't happy with the level of customer support, as the only way to contact them is by email, which I just don't think is good enough in this day and age.✔ - A BIG PLUS for being the only sex cams site as far as I know so far to take Pay Pal payments✔ - I like the way you can have a slight browse around the site without having to register✔ - Porn stars! Now I didn't experience any difficulty at, so I didn't need support, but then I am the sex cam expert, so what happens if someone does get stuck?

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