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At present Manila is the capital of the Philippines.In the National Assembly Hall, behind the presidents seat, is a picture of Manu.We have found some literary evidence to show that there was Hindu Sanskriti in this area of about 11,500 square miles.In the central part of Sebu a bronze idol of Lokeshwar and a golden idol of a Garuda have been found.Manu taught law to the Philippines, hence this picture.This shows the relation of the ancient Hindu culture to the Philippines."Our dialects belong to the Dravidian family." says Justice Romualdez.Indian influence is most patent in handicrafts and the old names of coins used there.

The first large empire to make Sumatra its home was Sri Vijaya in the 7th century, also the first Hindu kingdom of Indonesia.You have a character who's a normal, perfectly sensible, maybe even slightly uptight person. Then they are presented with a puppy/kitten/baby/whatever, and they suddenly turn into a tower of jelly, going "Whosa cutie? Many social customs current there show a likeness to the Indian ones.Saleeby says, "The head-gods of the Indian Triad and the earliest Vedic gods had the foremost place in the minds and devotion of the hill-tribes of Luzon and Mindanao. Indeed as Beyer says, "India has most profoundly affected the Philippine civilization." "The unique feature of India's contacts and relationship with other countries and peoples of the world is that the cultural expansion was never confused with colonial domination and commercial dynamism far less economic exploitation.

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