Older men younger women dating

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According to a 2014 Current Population Survey, the average age difference in heterosexual couples is 2.3 years, with the man being older than the woman.But recent data has shown that as our ideas about men, women, and relationships evolve daters’ views on age are changing as well.If they have not already had children with previous spouses, older men may wish to immediately marry and start a new family, Women who are ready to marry and have children find that much older men may be the perfect fit for them.

Older guys may dwell less on jealousy issues and instead focus on communicating clearly with you so that there will be no misunderstandings.

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As it turns out, even though overall attitudes about age are shifting somewhat, traditional gender dynamics of older men dating younger women and vise versa still dominated the dating scene.

Here are a few interesting takeaways: 60% of men are attracted to younger women.

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He doesn't want to pick up a variety of women; instead, he is often looking to establish a serious relationship with just one woman.