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In an awful reversal of their biblical role, the true Jewish people are now cast as the archenemy of God and humanity.

During the FBI’s attempt to force Weaver to leave his Idaho home and return to court, three people were killed: a federal agent and Weaver’s wife and son.

The movement, also called “Israel Identity,” has become the uniting force among many white supremacist groups.

Included in most religious teaching produced by its leaders are racist statements that echo the statements of other white supremacists.

For many Identity groups this imagined half-devil line of Cain is the Jewish race.

Pastor Arnold Murray, an Identity preacher from Gravette, Arkansas, calls them “Kenites” (an Old Testament people he identifies as “Cainites”) and believes they were associated with Judah until they took over leadership of that tribe. Pastor Murray teaches that calling the Jews the chosen people of God is the gravest of sins.

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Although Identity groups are small in number and diverse, their penchant for social agitation attracts widespread media attention.