Nextar map updating

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Update a Tom Tom global positioning system navigation device by visiting the Tom Tom website, selecting the correct update program and following the instructions provided on the site.

Users can choose to update either through the My Drive Connect or Tom Tom Home applications.

Select the preferred software update and click Download Updates.GPS device's maps, and it will be pointless for you to purchase maps from this website.Step 5 If your device is supported, return to the home page of the website, and from the list of links, click on the third one; " is a utility that is available only for Windows users.Nevertheless, you are the owner of one of these devices.So what must you do if your You need to determine how old your device is.

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Updating a Tom Tom GPS device using Tom Tom Home requires several steps to complete, as outlined below. Click on the Stay Up to Date link under the Support header, which is located at the bottom part of the home page.

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