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Netflix instant queue not updating

I have no problem with the feature now that I know it exists, but I think this is something that could trip up a lot of people like me -- long-time customers who never really used the "watch now" function until they bought the Roku player.

Since Netflix initially dumped my available "watch now" titles into the "Instant" queue, I never noticed it was actually a separate queue that has to be individually managed (nor did I notice there's now a "add to instant" choice, since I was used to simply clicking on "add" immediately instead of hovering over the button to see the additional choice).

The "instant queue" that Roku reads from is actually the other tab on this page, the "Instant" tab.

I have to reset my box everytime I want to import my updated Que!!!

You can usually add an instant play title to your regular queue indicating that you want a live DVD as opposed to just having it available to play instantly.

So, this being said, I don't think the PLAY button in the regular queue was just a one time event.

And even after receiving the box, in some cases I had a disc in both queues, viewed the movie on the Roku box, rated it, deleted it, and the movie would still be in the DVD queue, but rated, so I had to decide if I wanted the disc (e.g., for the extras) or just delete it out of the DVD queue since I had already deleted it out of the Instant queue via the Roku box.

Maybe I am weird, but from when the Instant Queue appeared, I always treated the two queues as independent of each other, and their behavior had been as expected, except that sometimes it takes a few minutes for queue status or rating from the Roku Box to propagate to the queue on the web site.

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Netflix in Windows Media Center is not updating my queue with new titles and new instant watch movies are not appearing as such in search results nor are the showing in the New Arrivals. I can also watch the new titles in my queue using my browser.

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