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Been with him for about 2 and a half years, and we are both each others 'soul mates' (will pass you the

Love him to bits, and the fact that he loves being involved with the horses, he even brought me another last year!

The characters wear clothes, live in houses, and drive cars, but still display some characteristics of the animals on which they are based.

Peppa and her family snort like pigs during conversations in which they are speaking in English, the other animals make their respective noises when they talk, with some exhibiting other characteristics, such as the Rabbit family's communications of squeaking sounds and their enjoyment of carrots.

Nurseries, early years groups, families and children can get involved between April 23 and 29.

A spokesman added: "Organising a Muddy Puddle Walk is a great way for your little ones to explore the world around them and jump in muddy puddles, like Peppa Pig, for a worthy cause.

I love French champagne, Smarties and chocolate - covered jelly snakes. A weekend in the Blue Mountains with an open fire , a box of chocolates and a kind companion is my idea of heaven I have had my great loves, my losses and my joys and my heartbreaks. I feel a new page is open before me waiting for the next chapter of my life to begin. He should be able to see the lighter side of life while being aware of the wider world.

I'm really regretting paying a subscription now, just hoping it may improve for me. Please let me know Nope, no bad experiences on there!

I was single for 6 years (gulp), thought I would turn into some lonely horsemad woman, but I met my bloke on there and we are so happy together.

"Whether you splash in puddles along a trail at the park or get creative and make your own puddles indoors from paper and foil – your Muddy Puddle Walk will be a fun day to spend together that littles ones won’t forget.

"Raise funds in the way that suits you – help walkers get sponsored for their walk, ask for a donation to take part or even bake Muddy Puddle cupcakes to sell on the day." Money raised will help Save the Children’s work to transform the lives of vulnerable children in the UK and around the world.

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