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Most intimidating dog

Although anything said about the origins of this breed is highly speculative, there are a number of widely held theories which have substantial evidentiary backing.

There are two major groups of theories which attempt to explain the origin of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog.

However, these same regions often have ample grazing land available for horses, cattle, camels, sheep, and goats.

A unique way of life developed that combined agriculture with a nomadic lifestyle, in which herdsmen endlessly wandered the steppes always in search of fresh grazing lands for their livestock.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the most popular breeds in its region of origin, although it remains quite rare elsewhere.

This breed is known for being one of the largest, strongest, and most protective of all breeds, as well as for its capacity to not only survive but thrive in some of the harshest environments found anywhere on Earth.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a multi-purpose working dog native to Russia and the Former Soviet Republics of Central Asia.

To help adapt dogs to colder climates like those found in Central Asia, they were crossed with the larger, longer-coated wolves of the North, resulting in Spitz-type dogs.

However, not all forms of agriculture were ideally suited to all areas.

Vast expanses of Central Asia are so dry and have such poor soils that it was essentially impossible to reliably grow crops there prior to the introduction of modern technology.

Around 14,000 years ago, humans living in the Middle East began to domesticate other species of plants and animals and live in permanent settlements.

Shortly thereafter, inhabitants of a few other regions such as China and India also developed agriculture which allowed for much larger human populations.

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Almost nothing is known for certainty about the origins and early history of this breed.

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