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Mensdatingtips com

y buddy Antonio, from the awesome Real Men Real, recently published a video about the first 10 things a woman notices about a man & what attracts women to men (see it here: Sp0ac).

In the comments, he asked if there were some things that he missed. So here’s the first few things a woman notices about a man – from a woman’s perspective.

Being overtly sexual, talking about exes, talking down to people, excessive boasting or talking about yourself too much are major negatives and no woman wants to hear it.

For more advice, check out my piece on things you should never say to a woman.

It may go without saying but it still bears repeating.Here’s a few videos/articles Antonio and I collaborated on, as well.Your overall smell – body odor, cologne and breath.A bad personality sours even the best looking of men.How put together you are, regardless of what style you’ve adapted, is a good indicator of the type of man you are.

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Whether we’re interacting or I’m observing you from afar – The way you interact with others and the way you carry yourself are all things we immediately notice. What’s your demeanor – funny, serious, shy, nice, well-mannered, rude, etc.?

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