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Nikola’s father, in a moment of despair, agreed to send him to the best engineering school if he recovered from the illness.

Tesla receives enough money from his uncles to help him flee to Prague.Tesla contracts cholera shortly after arriving from Karlovac.This sickness would make him bedridden for nine months and bring him to the brink of death multiple times.He would read many books while in Tomingaj and would later claim that Mark Twain’s works helped him to miraculously recover from the illness Age 19-20: Enrolls at the Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, Austria on a Military Border scholarship. At the end of his second year, Tesla lost his scholarship and became addicted to gambling.During his first year Tesla never missed a lecture, earned the highest grades possible, passed nine exams (nearly twice as many required[), started a Serbian culture club, and even received a letter of commendation from the dean of the technical faculty to his father, which stated, “Your son is a star of first rank.” Tesla claimed that he worked from 3 A. Age 21: Gambles away his allowance and his tuition money, later gambling back his initial losses and returning the balance to his family.

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Unfortunately, Tesla could not attend Charles-Ferdinand University because he arrived too tardy to enroll; never took Greek, which was required; and was illiterate in Czech, which was also required.

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