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In addition, the FCC freeze on licenses was lifted on April 14, 1952 and the number of operating stations escalated quickly.Something needed to be done to excite the public and get them away from the free entertainment they were now accustomed to seeing at home on their new 21-inch console television.every major studio begin experimenting with some form of widescreen and 3-D presentation.By that time, every studio had abandoned 1.37:1 and widescreen composition, ranging from 1.66:1 to 2:1, had become the new industry standard.However, to insure a steady flow of product for all exhibitors worldwide, the films were still protected for 1.37:1.SHANE became the first feature in 1953 shown in wide screen when it premiered at Radio City Music Hall on April 23.Initially composed by George Stevens for 1.37:1, it was presented with a 30 x 50 image in the ratio of 1.66:1.Only three westerns had ever played the Music Hall prior to SHANE, and they lasted for two weeks apiece.Business was so brisk for SHANE, it was held over for an unprecedented four weeks.

The inaugural exhibition of 70mm Grandeur began on September 17, 1929 at the Gaiety Theatre in New York and FOX MOVIETONE FOLLIES OF 1929 was the feature attraction.It was released as HAPPY DAYS and had its world premiere at New York's Roxy Theatre on February 13, 1930.The image measured 42 by 20 feet in comparison to the standard Roxy image of 24 by 18 feet.Noting the tremendous success of this engagement and the public's unanimous acceptance of widescreen, exhibitors all over the country began the race to install the largest possible panoramic screen in their theatres.This SMPTE test loop is similar to what was used originally by projectionists setting up for different presentation ratios.

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Magnifying standard size film is about all that will be done from now on to provide a giant screen."Moviegoing habits reached a peak in 1946 with post-war attendance hitting record levels; 57% of Americans went to the movies every week.