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But whatever there was between the two ended when she stormed out a restaurant upon reading a draft of Penn's Rolling Stone article about El Chapo and she hasn't seen the actor since.The actress says rather than sleeping with Penn, people just assumed she had sex with El Chapo, however in her GMA interview she insinuated that that never happened, adding that she feared being 'raped' by the infamous drug lord during their rendezvous.Mexico (Spanish: México), officially the United Mexican States (Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexicanos), is a country in North America, lying between the United States of America to the north, and Guatemala and Belize to the southeast.Its extensive coastlines include the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.They haven't seen each other since she stormed out of a restaurant when shown a draft of his Rolling Stone interview Del Castillo admits that during filming she felt like she and Penn were in a very delicate situation while meeting with El Chapo, so much so that she felt their lives were in each others hands in the face of the notorious drug king pin.She also says she was scared for her life when El Chapo escorted her to her room one evening saying she was afraid 'He might rape me or kill me.'Del Castillo, Penn and two producers met with the drug kingpin back in October 2015 at a secret location organized by El Chapo.Mexican authorities raided the site soon after they met, but El Chapo had already fled.

Prostitution cannot take place in public places - such as public buses, subways, or in public property.

Penn showed her the final draft at the famous Sunset Towers hotel in Hollywood, at a table of famous people. Meanwhile Penn and his team have tried repeatedly tried to block the documentary from going forward.

Penn's team last week fired off a letter to Netflix to pull the film saying 'that blood will be on their hands if this film causes bodily harm,' to their client, according to the New York Times.

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Sorry but we are both adults, single, and something was going on but that was it, it was business'.'He said, "That moment when you touched my chest I knew something would happen between us",' on their way to home to Los Angeles after the pair met the famed drug lord.

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