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Its HQ is in Montreal, very near the National Circus School, and it is here, in a series of hangar-like buildings, that I see what can only be described as a factory of fun.

There is even a department where heads (including mine) are scanned to create a 3D mould, which means any masks or headdresses fit perfectly: important when accuracy and freedom mean lives are saved.

‘We don’t see her very often, she has a nanny, and she is too young to know yet. ‘But in Ukraine, we get a pension from the government.

It would be good if she did some sport, it would be good for her to be flexible and strong.’ Did Olena have much maternity leave? ‘My body snapped back into shape almost immediately,’ she says, again confirming these people are superhuman. In my country, being a circus performer, it is treated as a profession.’And so, as I find out, it should be.

Not to be confused with Fallen Creator, where a once-respected creator is permanently due to a string of flops or personal misbehaviors. Is a Crapshoot or for when an author wants to kill their own work.

A creator/business that went defunct after one or two serious flops/mistakes could still leave a lasting legacy and be fondly remembered in hindsight.

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