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How to be a dating coach

I was lonely, alienated and my relationships became strained because I wanted the impossible: I wanted to get rid of my wheelchair and be the same as everyone else. I did have a few school friends but I never had a girlfriend, and was left out of all the usual teen dating etiquette. I felt unattractive and thought I had nothing to offer a girl, so I shut myself down.

If ever a member of my family asked why I wasn’t dating, I would use the excuse that I was too busy for all that.

I was enthusiastic and did everything right according to my research. I was a grade-A student, a high-achiever academically and I had a great job at Microsoft.

This enabled him to totally transform himself, his relationships and his life.

He’s now popular, makes friends easily, has been on more than 40 first dates, enjoyed sex and fallen in love.

Now the Dating Coach on Wheels, image consultant and motivational speaker is returning the favour…

You became a wheelchair-user at the tough age of 15.

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I was 23 at the time and he was doing a workshop called Conversation Secrets. You say a turning point for you was being told, by your dating coach, that you will never blend in but that’s okay.

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