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Posted by / 25-Feb-2020 15:36

The Southern Cross tattoo combines two elements of the limited thinking of the bogan, making it the perfect medium to display one’s love of (his ideal of) Australia and the need for attention.Also, let’s not forget that there is nothing more individual as a Southern Cross tattoo.

In the tradition of co-opting symbols it doesn’t fully understand, the Bogan is the Southern Cross Tattoo.There is nothing wrong with the symbol of the Southern Cross per se, it’s been recognised as an iconic symbol of Australia similar to that of the flying kangaroo for many years.It’s just unfortunate that it now has negative connotations after being hijacked by the Nazi-bogan (new sub-species?That has a Southern Cross on it, but it represents an independent Australian identity away from the fucking British colonialism.bogans don’t want to establish an individual identity, to fucking gay and difficult!

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