Gl legacy serial number dating

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Together with former Fender employees George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt, Leo launched his new G&L instruments with advanced features derived from his decades of experience redefining what was possible in an electric guitar and bass.

We invite you to discover why Leo famously declared 'G&L guitars and basses are the best instruments I have ever made.' By the late 1970s, Clarence Leo Fender and his CLF Research company had completed his consultancy for the CBS/Fender, designed and manufactured the original Music Man instruments, and were looking forward to launching for a new brand.After all, Conner, in the comics, is Ollie's son which in this universe would be difficult to put in (womanizing ways aside).But having Diggle become an Expy of it would work out fairly well.Different optical variants are separated by a thick line, minor optical updates are separated by a thin dark line.Serial number blocks are separated by a thin pale line.

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