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“The greatest thing about going to Netflix was that I pitched it in the room, and they ordered 13 episodes without a pilot.That’s miraculous.” Discuss the Orange Is The New Black TV Pilot Script Stephanie Palmer was a film executive with MGM Pictures and The Hollywood Reporter named her one of the “Top 35 Executives Under 35.” She is the author of the best-selling book Good in a Room.Then it turns out that that’s totally made up and the girl has a restraining order against him.You’re watching it, and you’re like, ‘Why is this in the movie?Right, so my original pitch was, ‘What is our Mike Yanagita? I came in to pitch the idea that we’re doing, essentially, and they came to pitch me the same thing.The nut of the idea was: What if young James Gordon was the detective who investigated the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents?Teaching the audience also that these students can’t go into court and argue made it feel fresher to me.

Plastic Vortex is based on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a mass of human-made debris caught in the swirling gyres of the North Pacific Ocean.

“I loved the characters, the diversity, and I loved that the setting was a crossroads where every type of person could travel through,” she says, noting the vast potential for stories.

She has said that, “Piper (played by Emmy-nominated Taylor Schilling) was her “Trojan horse,” a network-accessible “cool blonde” entree into a world of characters — black, Latina, lesbian, transgender — rarely seen on television.” In an interview with the WGA, Kohan said, “You can pitch it in such a way that it’s familiar. It’s, you know, something with cultural currency that is familiar to people you’re pitching.” Kohan pitched the show to HBO, Showtime and Netflix.

“The first time I ever pitched a TV show, I went in and talked to my agent at the time about the show.

I said, ‘It’s going to be so great because in the end it’s going to be…’ and told him what was going to happen. First, don’t ever pitch an ending on TV.'” came about, Bokenkamp said, “I was kicking around ideas with John Fox, a friend who’s also a producer on the show. Whitey Bulger (Boston organized-crime kingpin) was in the news then.

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The first animal to cross the vortex without choking on plastic wins.

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