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When we become more freed up, this eventually results in a greater sense of well being, and we experience more satisfying connections with others.

I have a special interest in helping gay men, as I am gay identified myself. I conduct individual, couples' sessions, and occasionally, men's groups.My ideal client is someone who is curious and open to making their life a more deeply rich and healthy experience for themselves and those with whom they have, or want to have, more meaningful relationships.""Our lives are filled with complexities, which result in various blockages to fulfilling our potentials.My work primarily focuses on liberating what is oppressed within someone's life.I collaborate with clients & their other providers to determine the focus and nature of therapy.I believe all people are oriented towards health and growth, but sometimes develop problematic ways of thinking, acting, being, and interacting.

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I also specialize in practicing affirmative therapy with clients who identify as LGBTQI.""My focus in therapy is helping to address people's unique needs while also assisting in facilitating a healthy, self-sustaining outlook on life.