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Please try resubmitting the form in a couple of minutes.We have experienced some abuse of our subversion repository at work recently.If you add 10k B of text to a text file that is 10MB and commit the change, the transaction size should be 10k B, not 10MB 10 k B. We're running Redhat Enterprise Linux 5, Subversion 1.5.0. OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/.../svnroot/sandbox/db/transactions/1256-f.txn/rev' Patches welcome :-) Well yes, that is fair enough. A little googling did not bring me information about the repository structure.Additionally, if you are adding files, yes I think the transaction itself is compressed. And while I was trying a certain test commit, I was not able to recognise my changes in the transaction/ directory, so I was at a loss.There did not seem to be any hooks out there to do this, so I wrote one. The transaction, if I remember correctly, is basically what will become the next revision in the db.

On each commit, check if the entire repository is over a pre-set size.

I'm not sure why you are implying that the "size of the whole transaction directory" might not be "a measure for the transaction size".

It seems that /rev has just been moved somewhere else.

Someone committed 400 MB of data all at once including many object files, libraries, and executables.

I did not get very harsh with the person who did this.

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