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One day one of the guys called out saying he couldnt see what she was writing, could she write it up higher on the board? But in doing so her micro mini rose up to reveal skimpy lacy panties.On some occasions she even had on see through panties.My mother decided to take in a lodger, an 18 year old girl named Kathleen, partly I think for company and partly for the money.I was at the age when I was just beginning to notice girls and Kathleen gave me something to look at and think about.She hurriedly pulled her dress down and turned red.When I was about 13 or 14 my father used to spend a lot of time away from home and would often only be home at weekends.No sooner had she sat down that one of the other boys sat beside her and started snogging her, which she seemed to like.Somebody else sat the other side of her I made motions with his hands as if he was going to pull her skirt up.

When the dance was over I found myself heading off to the tube station with about five other boys and one girl, Joan, who in my opinion, was the prettiest girl in my class.Anyone using the machine had to work a pair of pedals, one with each foot, in order to operate it.After Kathleen had used it a few times she asked me to come and chat with her while she did her sewing.I was surprised at how wet it was and I though that she must have wet herself!At that innocent age I didn't know anything about girls getting wet when they got excited.

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Her knickers were not all that exciting compared with some I've seen since - plain white cotton - but to a group of randy young schoolboys they were as sexy as they could be!

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