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In my observations, the most common solution that administrators use is to create an ADR (see below) and let it run on a schedule: This will certainly get the updates deployed, but there is more to consider.

What happens if the CM Software Update Agent fails to install definitions?

For my first blog, I want to introduce you to updating System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) definition updates. Escalation Engineer, for helping me with this blog.

If your company has deployed or is planning to deploy SCEP, you will certainly have to plan to deploy definition updates.

The information in this topic can help you to select and configure these methods.

To update antimalware definitions, you can use one or more of the following methods: You can configure multiple definition update sources and control the order in which they are assessed and applied.

Also, if out of date definitions are left on the UNC share, it can cause the clients to fail checking any further sources in the fallback list. It is useful for clients that are off of your network for a while, unless you are set up to manage internet based clients or are using Direct Access.

Of the two Microsoft hosted fallback locations, this is ideal as it results in the smallest payload delivered to the client.

It will look something like this: I do hope this post helps you better understand the flow of SCEP definition updates.When this period expires, it will attempt to pull definitions from the order defined by policy and stored in the Fallback registry key.Believe it or not, SCEP cannot use CM as an update source location for definitions, which is why this setting does not modify the Fall Back Order registry key.What happens if the end user forces an update by pressing the update button in the SCEP user interface?In these situations, we’ll need to better understand the setting for definition update sources in the Antimalware Policy.

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However, if you know you are connected to the Internet because you can browse to other Web sites, the issue might be caused by conflicts with your settings in Windows Internet Explorer.