Dual income no kids dating perfect dating ages

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Dual income no kids dating

We entertain ten different party invites only to feel the FOMO (fear of missing out) from turning down the other collective seven invites.

We keep our lives full with fillers and people who drain us, mistaking quantity for quality.

New and deep relationships cannot be easily cultivated if you are time bound all the time and hard to schedule with.

Even close friends see each other once a month at best here.

I don’t want to have a social calendar that is a rotating door of new but fleeting people.

I don’t want to be a virtual friend who keeps tabs on you but just can’t show up.

I expected New York to be easier with age and means to transition seamlessly to a new city. Money or a relocation package cannot shield you from loneliness. I tried to make plans with a friend who lived a block away only to have her flake and reschedule 4 or 5 times despite being funemployed. A Tinder date said that he was going to be busy until 2017 and then called me out for rescheduling on him twice.

By October, my coworker Cyriel teased me about how much black I was wearing. I think loneliness is often confounded with depression; the two definitely go hand in hand.

The color black started to unfold before my eyes into a spectrum of shades and textures. I don’t remember the exact moment when the loneliness crept in, but I woke up one day and I felt it. Like depression, loneliness seeps into every crevice of one’s being and distorts one’s perception.

Scheduling is a manifestation of the New York strife.

We try so hard to optimize the shit out of our social schedules, fitting regimented meet-ups and structured fun into strict time boxes.

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