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Datingfactory de

Sure enough, traffic has increased, quality scores have improved even more, and conversions & sales levels have held up well.

My account has got even more structure and transparency to it, and that will serve me well in future too.

They’ve been instrumental in the success of my online marketing efforts.

You noticed one or more takings on your statement of bank and you want to know from where it comes and how you can stop it. Step 1/5 : look for the description among the list we propose below (end of page). Probably a registration or an inscription on a site of dating, streaming or clairvoyance : we can take care of the cancellation of the subscription at the origin of the takings.

If it is not in the list, send us a message via contact form and we will contact you. Step 3/5 : You place an order on Sos Internet (« Ready Made » and « VIP » are detailed below on this page).

During your order, we will ask you to indicate : Step 4/5 : After the reception of the payment of your order, we will contact you again by email to ask you further information which will allow us to stop the takings you did not want.

Conversions are up, my CPRs are down, and the conversion to paid members has remained pretty much the same.

Combining that with a healthy increase in rebills and repeat payments, and January’s revenues for this account are looking very promising.

While no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse.

With all that good news, I was content to leave it where it is, and focus on bringing some other account more to the boil too…until I got an email from my Account Team at Google.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time nurturing this relationship, and it has paid dividends over the past couple of years for me.

Step 5/5 : A member of the Sos Internet team takes care of the whole procedure on your behalf.

We cancel the subscription at the origin of the takings.

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