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Posted by / 06-Oct-2019 20:18

But in data published Monday, Ok Cupid, a popular online dating site, said women who take the initiative to reach out to men are rewarded with higher response rates and more desirable men. The boring conversations — if you can call them that — tend to be started by men, owing to centuries of Western courtship convention that have remained mostly consistent in the digital age.

When you’re sending a first message, try not to rely solely on physical appearance.While I can only truly speak for myself, I feel like women are more picky than men because a lot of the time we want something more than a hot piece of ass to hang out with.We want someone we can emotionally connect to, be attracted to, and perhaps even have a conversation with.There is no bigger turn-off than being seen only for tits and ass.I’ve found a lot of guys in the world of internet dating only message a female because she looks good and could care less if she clearly stated she wants something that is not applicable to them. I do respond to the occasional message and I even send the initial message every once in awhile.

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This morning I opened my inbox on Ok Cupid to 5 new messages.